Refusal of planning application – land near Prospect Place, Dorchester Road

Updated 16 April 2019

An application for outline permission to build 18 houses on open ground at Chesterfield Place (near Prospect Place) has been refused by the Council’s planning officer, on 15 April.

The reasons for refusal were:

  • the impact on the area designated as an “important open gap” outside the developments boundary in the Council’s adopted local plan.
  • the consequences for the dwelling that overlooks the site;
  • insufficient information about drainage proposals;
  • lack of proposals for affordable housing.

However, there remain the possibilities of an appeal, or an amended application.

Details of the application and all the relevant documents can be found on the Council’s website here.

The Upwey Society objected to the application – essentially because it is outside the permitted development area, and is the third recent attempt to invade the open space between Dorchester Road, Elwell Street, Church Street and Stottingway Street. The full objection can be downloaded here: Representation – Land at Chesterfield Place.

Concerned residents potentially affected by the proposed development held an open meeting on 12 November 2018.

Among important points raised at that meeting were:

  • The fact that it is outside the area in which building is permitted, under the Council’s local plan.
  • The unsuitability of the proposed access (which includes widening Prospect Place, which many residents object to).
  • The inadequacy of the parking proposals, particularly for residents of Propect Place.
  • The potentially dangerous turning out of Prospect Place which has limited visibilty, due to neighbouring buildings, parked cars and the crest of a hill in Dorchester Road.
  • The impact on the open space.
  • The precedent value, for the whole of the open space.