Concreting and clearing of the Old Roman Road – 30 June Update

Updated 30 June 2019

Parts of a local ancient road are being widened and part-concreted. Many local residents are concerned about the work.

The track is usually known as the Old Roman Road. It leads from the top of The Ridgeway (above The Old Ship) to the South Dorset Ridgeway National Trail. It is a public highway, in the care of Dorset Council. It is inside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and, in part, inside the Upwey Conservation Area.

The concreting has taken place over a number of years, but most recently in late May 2019. It is being done by owners of a small field off the track who have with no other connection to the area.

A meeting was held on 31 May to allow everyone to express their views and to see what action could be taken to protect a quiet rural lane from further damage. After that meeting a small group volunteered to take things forward. After discussion, and some investigation of the options, it was decided that the best apprach was to develop contact with the right part of the Council as they were in the best place to discourage inappropriate treatment of the track and could, if necessary, take enforcement action.

Update: We understand that the field owners and the Council’s Community Highways Officer have spoken and have agreed that when the owners are next in Dorset, this summer, they will meet to discuss the matter.

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