Community Issues

We get involved with local issues and concerns that are relevant to the village, such as planning and traffic. We take the initiative or support different action groups within the village.


Many people are concerned about major potential housing developments on greenfield sites within the village.  A Facebook page has been set up by villagers, called Save Upwey to keep people informed of latest issues.  There is also a Twitter page Save Upwey.


The traffic issue was raised again at a recent AGM and, while it was felt that traffic through the village does give cause for concern it is a problem replicated in most every town in the country. The rush hour traffic at the Tesco roundabout in Dorchester is a problem as it is in Yeovil, Bridport, Torquay, Bournemouth and throughout the country. Furthermore the Highways Authority have measured speed and volume annually and are content with their findings. As this is the body we would refer to in order to introduce any alterations, there does not appear to be anywhere for us to go.

Work will be starting in autumn 2015 to open up the culvert opposite St Laurence Church to improve the flow of the feeder stream into the River Wey.

The carefully restored footpath by the stream at the top of Church Street has been reinstated, following the flooding in July 2012, and has survived the recent wet weather during winter 2014/15. Dorset County Council did the work, using material from the bed of the stream for the base.

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