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Planning application – land near Prospect Place, Dorchester Road

There is an application for outline permission to build 18 houses on open ground, currently part of what is identified in the Council’s local plan as “important open space” within the Upwey Conservation Area.

Details of the application, for which the Council has set a “target decision date” of 22 January 2019, and how to comment on it can be found on the Council’s website here.

The Upwey Society has objected to the application – essentially because it is outside the permitted development area, and is the third recent attempt to invade the open space between Dorchester Road, Elwell Street, Church Street and Stottingway Street. The full objection can be downloaded here: Representation – Land at Chesterfield Place.

The deadline for comments was 25 November, but comments after that date but before the application is considered may be taken into account.

Concerned residents potentially affected by the proposed development held an open meeting on 12 November.

Among important points raised at that meeting were:

  • The fact that it is outside the area in which building is permitted, under the Council’s local plan.
  • The unsuitability of the proposed access (which includes widening Prospect Place, which many residents object to).
  • The inadequacy of the parking proposals, particularly for residents of Propect Place.
  • The potentially dangerous turning out of Prospect Place which has limited visibilty, due to neighbouring buildings, parked cars and the crest of a hill in Dorcheter Road.
  • The impact on the open space.
  • The precedent value, for the whole of the open space.


Unofficial concrete on the Old Roman Road

Concrete has been laid on a segment of the Old Roman Road (the track that is a continuation of The Ridgeway). It has been put there by the owners of a field to the west of the track. They are not from the area, so it hasn’t been easy to talk to them – but they have said that they believe they have a right of vehicular access (the track is a public highway – left over from when it was the Weymouth/Dorchester road up to the early 19th century) and that the council refuse to improve the track. They said that the Highways Department had told them if they wanted the track improved they would have to do it themselves. They add that they originally wanted to lay concrete southward to join The Ridgeway but understand that local people would not be happy. Instead they have laid concrete uphill to join up with a track that runs from the old Dorchester Road to Bayard Dairy.

The concrete is ugly and seems likely to increase the likelihood of the track becoming a ravine in wet weather.

We have contacted the County Council, who say:

“The concrete has been laid without any consent or agreement of either Council [Dorset and Weymouth and Portland].
However, from both the Planning perspective and from Highways they have found no reason to actively pursue enforcement and the removal of the concrete.
The view being taken by the highways officer is that it “does not appear to present any issue relating to safety or appear to present any effect on surface water drainage. Indeed its presence probably prevents scouring of the surface in times of high rainfall”.

The team will keep it under review and if there is evidence that this view is wrong they will reconsider.”

So at the moment there is little we can do apart from keeping a watching brief.

Planning application – 10 Church Street

There has been an application for outline permission to build seven detached houses on land behind Eastbrook House in Church Street. The application was made in April 2018, but has not been decided. As at 26 November the Council’s “target decision date” was 17 December 2018.

You can find the application on the Council’s website here.

The Society has objected. The primary reasons for objecting are that:

  • it is outside the development boundary set in the Council-approved Local Plan, which identifies the particular area as important open space;
  • sewerage in the area is unable to cope with existing demand, and there is no prospect of it being improved.

10 Church St planning objection